Take Revenge - Send Cow Pat Poo

24.90 €

Fanciful Vengeance in a Cow Pat Lucky Beetle with cow pat

A really unique and strong answer to all kinds of injustice is a Cow Pat. Patties are usually rather mushy and of a porridge-like consistence. However, they are full of life according to the season with squibbly worms and bugs.


Cow Pat Revenge in a Lucky Beetle 

The gift has been created on demand of many customers who wanted something very strong and smelly that would splash all over their victims and terrify them. Patties are known to contain a load of methane. With the help of your boon and bane - which you may join in a short message to your victim and our love in preparing your gift, it is quite possible that the whole thing may explode on opening.
Moral categories can hardly apply. Shit for all shit faces. Here is the outlet to prevent stupid actions from your part, which would only get you into trouble. 
. With this gift, generously filled with the spicey fragrance of the country, you will leave a strong impression on your enemy. Cow pat in beautiful cardboard box
The person should at least get what it represents - a piece of shit! That´s only understandable.

In any case: You only punish your enemy once in your life and if you love that git, there´s surely no problem to fork out a bit. A real luxurious gift however, bliss and balm for your soul is this beautiful box of horse truffles.
A very fancyful and unforgettable gift, which will accompany the enemy on its way to hell.


Embellish your gift - You only take revenge once ...