Charming Revenge Poop

15.90 €

Revenge Grenade - Shitty Ammunition Get Even: Tinned Road Apple

Ingenious stinky revenge idea, good for general warfare between the sexes, taming the shrew or strafing the cunning and the funny, for example. So now get even. The weapon is made of pure road apples, fits well in a handbag or glove box and can easily be flung to anyone.
In love affairs, however, females prefer to throw the Revenge Banana after the former beloved. The Revenge Horse, manufacturer of this charming gift, doesn´t know why.


Personal Battles and Class Warfare

Should you want the banana at your address, you may apply it instead of pepperspray to fend thugs, bullies and bosses, then on your kids for educational purposes or for filling up you neighbour´s letter box. However, the Revenge Horse may send it there directly. How many mean neighbours do you have? Write a list.

Get Even: Horse Nuggets, great revenge gift

Get Even

As road apples constitute a superb protection in life there are a thousand of good occasions for employing this arm.

Size: Impressive Box of 24 x 13 x 13 cm, Tin 18 cm high, Diameter of the grenade 7,5 cm.

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Get Even with Revenge Shit in Deco Wrapping

Embellish your gift - You only take revenge once ...
Dimensions: 0 cm × 7.5 cm × 18 cm