Strong Revenge Gift

14.90 €

Powerful Vengeance Strong Revenge in Send Poop Box

Standard model and strong revenge from all your heart, a charming and most popular present for all nags, nerds and enemies. This load of road apples is an impressive gift from the terrible Revenge Horse, which will not fail to show effect. May contain traces of ebola.


Shocking, Punchy and Strong Revenge

Weight of this strong revenge according to weather conditions, but always four lovely litres or nearly a gallon !
Sent directly and anonymously to your enemy. Remember: If infidelity is involved, then both of the two cheating parties should have their loads. The Shitty Revenge Banana is a favorite in these cases. 

Surprise Your Enemies !

Fast delivery as sent by letter. Easy payment through Paypal. Strong Revenge Shit in deco boxes

The Revenge-Horse will also send you a photo on request. 

Approximate prices in other currencies: £ 13, US$ 17, plus postage £ 3, $ 4,60 (approx.)

Dimensions: S = 25 x 17 x 10 cm 

FacebookPoop pile in nice cardboard box

The Lord does´t like misers ...
Embellish your gift - You only take revenge once ...