Powerful Secret Revenge

Secret Revenge - Powerful Weapon Secret Revenge Horse

First of all take your time strolling through our extraordinary shop, full of wonders and surprises, and take your decision.  As a matter of fact there is only on single product, but it comes in lovely packages and wrappings and various sizes to surprise its artless recipients under manifold disguises. Write a list of candidates for your secret revenge.


Order, Delivery, Your Data

In the course of ordering you can also join a small text to accompany your present. This is not compulsary, however. Take care not to reveal too much information in order to remain anonymous, if you so want.
After reception of payment the mare will take care of your order, stick you message well in the package and rush it off to the post office.
Most packages are sent as letters and should find their way to the rascal fast. According to weight, they may have to be sent as packets. If you order "Shipment tracking" you have a perfect controle of the good reception by your enemy.

What will the lucky devil get?

As the weight changes with weather conditions its the volume of your secret revenge which counts. The Big Shit has a maximum of 1000 g, thus a litre, while the Pasta Basta Bomb nearly has two litres and is likely to be sent as a package. The difference for the customer is unimportant: There may be one or two more days till delivery.
The horse promises that all packages will be well stuffed with its road apples as they come from the dung pile on farm.
Flat rate postage always comes on top; delivery worldwide without further charges. Here is an idea for you, Shit Bomb.

Anonymity - Tracking

Neither your name nor address nor your mail address will leave the office of the mare. No trace whatsoever. Secret Revenge Horse
The packages are posted without any sticker or stamp of the sender. Apart from the lable with the recipient´s address only the stamps of the post office will show.
Tracking: In this case the recipient can trace the mare, but not you. According to his bad character and his maliciousness it is imaginable that he may try to make the horse whinny. This however has never occured and would not work, but it may cause extra work here.
In order to avoid these problems, we discourage tracking if certain catagories of people are aimed at, such as bosses, lawyers, queens and princes, gods, prime ministers etc. Mother-in-laws, friends etc. should be all right.

If your are in doubt that your packed has well arrived, then just ring the bastard up ...

You may also have a commemorative photo, but it would be appreciated if you mentioned this before expedition ...