Bike Tour and imprint

Imprint your Wrath on your Enemies

This page is a humoristique and social service of an Arab mare and her friends, helping her with manufacturing revengeful and useful weapons. Imprint In the Café
She is of French origin, born in the Sundgau - part of a charming German province, now in France. She is good natured, no nagging, trouble and strifeless, loves children and grazes on the slopes of the Black Forest. She is mounted with a simple head collar without bit and directed rather by thought than reins. Being well educated, sensitive and gentle, she respects your opinion and does not argue. As she is also very affectionate you can walk her like a dog, no cord, she will follow, even through the villages. She will help imprint your vengeance on all who have deserved an object lesson, friends and foes.

In short: She´s the sort everyone dreams to have around at home, but will never get.


Her little feeble for beetroot will turn her lips red sometimes, so that she feels to go to the disco. Here however she is regularly turned away, because still under age. She likes a pint from time to time - lager only - in order to keep her weight.
As you can see, she is fond of bicycle tours, because there is nothing to carry then, and she adores small cafés in the country, where there are always some biscuits around. As a matter of fact her owner has sometimes difficulties to grab the bike for himself ...

Here is the real imprint then, for her judicial representative and proprietor in case you got anything to whinny is:

Georg Beckmann

A bit nervous ... imprint

Schillerstr. 44
D - 79102 Freiburg, Germany
Tel. +49 761 700 650
Fax +49 761 700 688 

Horse makes imprint on stairsUSt.-IDNr.: DE 14 200 8864
Amtsgericht Freiburg i.Br., HRA Freiburg 3656, 26.3.84

Bank Identifier Code (BIC): GENODE61FR1
IBAN: DE83 6809 0000 0006 8854 38




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