Send Poo - Anonymous Revenge Gift

22.90 €

Surprising Droppings from the Stables -  Take Revenge, send Poo

Send Poo in beautiful Tin

Gifts containing revenge poo are individual and highly eccentric presents. Wrapped in nice boxes they will sure leave a deep imprint on any victim, anyone who hurt you. So send Poo.

Revenge will chase your insomnia, calm your spirit and give your enemy a damn nice surprise ...
So go ahead and strike back! Here´s your bargain.


Georgeous Road Apples - For Friends and Enemies

A charming present in a decorative and well stuffed nest filled with your greetings form the country.
Content: About a litre or a quart of a gallon of fine road apples from our horse-shed, vulgo "horses shit". Deco Box with shitty Easter eggs

Surprise your Enemies with lovely Revenge Poo

Content: Our revenge poo is a strong but organic and sustainable gift, very down to earth and honest, no glyphosate
An anonymous gift as always, only the angels know what you have done.

It is a charming present on all occasions and for all your enemies, which takes revenge for all your injuries in life. Fast delivery. May contain some pox on and off as well as your curses, of course. Now send poo.
Deco Box with shitty Easter eggs

For heavier cases you may want to apply a bomb.


Embellish your gift - You only take revenge once ...