Coldblooded Revenge Gift

13.90 €

Pizza Blitza - A Dish best served Cold 

"Pizza" - the "pièce".
Pizza with Coldblooded RevengeHere it comes flying towards your enemies, the good piece from the country.
Wonderful road apples, anonymous and odorant, pure rural poetry. Well stuffed this coldblooded revenge does not fail to crush down on the victim like a lightning. An overwhelming punishment and well planned. 


Fantastic Coldblooded Revenge Idea

The vengeance is hidden in a decorative box, as commonly known, made of ecological paper, of course. This will whet appetite ... and lead to a good surprise ...
Your soul will find peace again and the bastard is punished. For heavy misdemeanours you may want to fling a revenge bomb.

Revenge is a dish best served cold - 1,2 lt of rural enchantment Horse Apples Producer

No expiry date, so the road apples may be easily stocked. No fridge necessary. Serves well mixed in your friend´s or hubby´s muesli for example.
The next occasion will not tarry ... : An ex, a rent increase, a bit of mobbing ...

Neither artificial flavours nor glyophosate, but may contain traces of cholera.  

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Shit Heap of Coldblooded Revenge