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Fragrance of the Country - Buy Crap to get Even

Buy Crap - Strong and Heavy Vengeance - One and a half Gallons of an Educative, Severe Gift Buy Crap, a Parcel of Shit
Here is the most awsome and most powerful weapon from the horse´s workshop: The terrible shit pile revenge. It comes along as a heap of horse nuggets - a pure and simple gift, serious, no mercy, just as it comes from the dung heap. Good for punishing your enemies on the one hand and to calm your fury on the other. These true and spicey nuggets are carefully packed by the famous Revenge Horse.


Terrible Surprise through lovely Shit Pile Revenge

The product is 100% natural, neither any additives nor lactose. A wonderful Thank You for all misdoings and on all occasions.
Aussi un appel pour une meilleure conduite de vos ennemis dans l´avenir.

The parcel will always be well filled up to the limit of two kilos. Size as shown here in a cardbox "M" of the post office or comparable, e.g. 37,5 x 30,0 x 13,5 cm. This is more than 6 liters or 1,5 gallons.

Fast delivery
The terrible Revenge Horse will send you a photo on request. Also see our frequent bargains.

Approximate prices in other currencies: £ 26, US$ 33.6, plus postage £ 3, $ 4,60

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